How to Edit a Submission

Submissions* uploaded to Epicenter can be edited (added to, replaced, and/or removed**) as long as the submission is still in Edit Mode (and your user role has the correct responsibilities to upload that file). This article explains when edit mode ends, how to edit a submission during edit mode, and what to do if you want to modify your submission after Edit Mode.

When Edit Mode Ends:
Edit Mode is the period during which a Submission will be editable. It lasts until at least one of the following conditions are met:
  1. The Due Date and Time have passed (if any)

  2. The Submission Status has changed (review, approval, etc.)

After that, the submission is no longer in Edit Mode. (See "How to Modify After Edit Mode" below.)

How to Edit a Submission:
When attempting to edit a submission, first search for it in Epicenter to determine if it is still in Edit Mode.  There are several areas in Epicenter where you can find your submissions.

Find Your Submission (3 ways): 
  1. My Tasks (Compliance Submissions Only): If you are responsible for a compliance requirement and its task has been completed within the last 14 days, you can search for the completed requirement and select it by using your Task Queue. This can be done by selecting the  filter and selecting the " Only display completed tasks" checkbox.
  2.  Document Center (All Submissions - If you have the Submission - Upload Permission): This can be done by searching for the submission via Document Center and selecting the submission.
  3.  Compliance Center (Compliance Submissions Only): This can be done by selecting the submitted requirement from the , , or tab (the tab only lists collection requirements).

Determine Whether The Submission Is in Edit Mode:
Below is an image of a file submission that is currently in Edit Mode. Please note that if you replace or remove a file, the original file will be stored in the
Show History... area.  

If your submission is in Edit Mode, use the appropriate button to make your edit.

How to Modify After Edit Mode:
If your submission is no longer in Edit Mode, the following options are still available:
  • If you would like to edit the original submission, contact your Epicenter System Administrator. He/she can do one/both of the following:

    1. Return your original submission by changing the status to  (for compliance submissions, this would impact your Accurate % but add the compliance task back to your queue for re-submission).

    2. Change the due date (if any)

    3. Change the submission status back to its original state when it was first uploaded ( or ).  

  • If you don't want to edit the original submission, but you want to upload a revised/additional submission, use the  button found in  Document Center. Do not select any requirements to satisfy when uploading. Both your original submission and your revised/additional submission will be available in Epicenter.
*Certification of Completion submissions can only be edited with the help of the System Administrator at your Epicenter licensing organization.  They will most likely return the submission back to you for any corrections. 

**There must always be at least 1 file, certification of completion, or a narrative in a submission, so Epicenter won't let you remove a file if there are no other files. 

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