Uploading No-Due-Date Submissions

The button found in Document Center is used to upload any submissions to Epicenter that do not have a compliance requirement task scheduled. The steps to complete this upload process are listed below: 
  1. Select  Document Center from the main part of the Epicenter homepage.
  2. On the Document Center simple search page, click the button.
  3. Select the appropriate Entity Type, Submission Type, and Entity(s).
  4. If a Requirement* drop-down menu appears, it means there is at least one scheduled (i.e. unsatisfied) compliance requirement for that Entity using that Submission Type. The Requirement drop-down will contain a  option as well as the Requirement Title(s)If you would like your submission to satisfy a scheduled requirement, select the proper Requirement Title from the drop-down. You will then need to select the appropriate Event Date for the requirement. The due date and instructions for that requirement event date will then be displayed. If you are uploading a no-due-date submission, choose the  option.
  5. In the Submission section, enter any required Submission Tag information. 
  6. Use either the  or button and select your file(s) or if the submission is a Certification of Completion, select the appropriate checkbox and enter in any necessary comments. If the submission has the Narrative option you can either type in a response in the Narrative text box, upload a file, or do both.
  7. Input any necessary notes within the "Message to Reviewer/Approver" section.
  8. Select .

After selecting , you should receive an "Upload Successful" message that provides a recap of your submission. The submission can then be viewed in Epicenter by doing a search in  Document Center.

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