Is there a size restriction for file submissions?

When uploading documents to Epicenter, especially large PDFs, it may seem that there are restrictions on the size of the file that can be uploaded into Epicenter. While technically there are no size restrictions, you may be limited by your Internet Speed and other factors. If you receive an "Upload Failed" message when uploading, please check the size of your document. If it is over 15 MB, your connection might time out causing the error message.

Some ideas to help reduce file sizes:
  • Don't scan text documents. If you translate them to PDF from the typed version (Word, etc.), they will be much smaller file sizes.
  • Compress PDFs as much as possible using PDF Compressor or  You can also try just opening and saving the PDF as a new file to reduce the size.   
In addition, keep in mind that the larger the size of the file, the longer it will take to download from Epicenter. Within the Submission Search Results page, when selecting and downloading multiple submissions to a zip folder, the maximum download size is 500 MB.  Therefore, we recommend reducing the size of your files as much as possible to reduce the upload and downloading time. 

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