Board and Board Member Notes

There is a Notes section found on the Overview tab of every board and within each Board Member Detail page of all the board members.  To write a new note, select the New Topic button.
  • You can then enter the title of the note and select a category that the note pertains to.  *If you do not have access to the Category Maintenance button that allows you to add/change categories, please contact your administrator and let them know what category you would like added.  Some examples of categories for individual board member notes include Training, Conflict of Interest, Departure Information, etc...

  • You can also enter the event date or leave it as today's date.

  • The secured note box is only used by Administrators of the system and it allows them to secure notes from certain users.

  • Once you have entered your note, select the Save button.

  • The notes section will display all notes that have been written.  You can search for notes by selecting the Search Notes button.

There is also a Board Discussion Notes and Board Member/Candidate Discussion Notes reports found within the Board Members and Candidates section of the reports menu.  You can run these note reports and filter by a date range, board, and note category.

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