Board Member Setup: Step 3 - Assign Roles to Board Members

Once a candidate has been promoted to the board, they will be given the default role setup on your Epicenter site (for example, Director).  You can then assign to him/her a more specific role (or roles). To learn how to do so, watch the video below and/or read the instruction below:

  1. First, on the  tab, in the Members section, select the person’s row
  2. Within the Board Roles section, select the  button
  3. On the Role Update page, click "Add."
  4. Select the Role from the drop-down.  
  5. The Start Date must be on or before today's date. [For the officer roles, President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, the role dates cannot overlap with another member. If you need to show two members serving the same officer role, go to the board's  tab, select the button, and on the Board Setup page, create another Role and Title*.  For example, if you need two members serving as President, you can select the President system role and enter in a Co-President as the title.]
  6. Select "Save."

You can assign another role or click .

Next Step: Departing or Reappointing Board Members

*You can change the roles available for a board at any time by selecting the  button found on the board's Overview tab (if you have permissions to this area).

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