Board Member Setup: Step 1 - Create Seats and Terms

After a board has been created in Board Center, the first step to adding the board members is creating the seats.  If you are collecting Term information for the board members, you will also add the Term for each seat. To learn how to add seats and terms, watch the video below and/or read the instructions below:

To create seats and terms:
  1. From the Board List page, select the board. This loads that board's tab.
  2. Next, select the tab.
  3. On the Members page, select the  button.
  4. To add a seat, select the  button.
    • Seat Number (required field)Each board member is placed into a seat. This field labels each seat with a number of your choice. This helps you keep track of your different board seats. The seat will retain this number even after the person filling it changes. The seats will also display in order of their seat numbers, so you can organize them by arranging their numbers. The seat number can be edited if you would like to change the members' display order. We recommend creating enough seats to equal the board's capacity.
    • Created Date (optional field)This is the date the seat was created in real life (not the date it was created in Epicenter). If you do not know the date the seat was created or don't need to track it in Epicenter, you can leave this field blank. Often this is the same date the board itself was established which is found by going to the board's tab and clicking the button (if you have permissions to update the board itself).​
    • Once you enter the seat information, click .
    • Continue this process until all the seats have been created.
    • Once a seat is created, the  allows you to edit the Seat Number, Created Date, enter a Deactivated Date or Delete the seat (if it hasn't been used).
    • If you are not tracking Term information, once you create all your Seats, you can skip Step 5 below and proceed to the next step of adding members as candidates and promoting them to the board (see link below).
  5. Once your seats are created, you now need to add the seat's first term. Within Seat 1 click the ⁝ icon and select "Manage Terms" A term with no dates should already exist.
    • The  icon allows you to edit the Start Date and Expiration date for this term.
      • If you are only tracking the member's Expiration Dates, enter the Expiration Date for the member that will be serving in this Seat and save. As members are being departed or added to this Seat, you will simply just continue to update the Expiration date on this one term within the seat.
      • If you are tracking the Start and Expiration date of a board member's term(s), enter the Start and Expiration Date for the member that will be serving in this Seat and Save.
    • To add a new term, click the  button

Once you have created the board seats and entered in the term information for each seat (if required), you can go back to the Members page by using the Members > breadcrumb. You are now ready to set the board members up (first by adding them as candidates and promoting them to the board). 

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