Board Member Setup: Step 2 - Set Up Board Candidates & Add Board Members

In order to add board members to a board, you have to first set them up as candidates. To learn how to add candidates and promote them to the board, watch this video and/or read the instructions below:

In order to add your board members, you have to first set them up as a Candidates. To do so:
  1. On the  tab, in the Candidates section, click the  button.
  2. You will first be prompted to search for the individual. Search for the person's last name to see if he/she has already been added as a contact in your Epicenter. If so, click on his/her row. If the person is not already a contact in your Epicenter, select the New Contact... link, fill in the board member’s contact information and click .
  3. You will be taken back to the Members page, where your person is now listed as a candidate. Click on his/her row to load his/her Board Candidate page.
  4. Within the Board Candidate page, you can remove the person from the list of candidates by selecting the  button in the Candidate Setup section.
  5. Once you have the candidate's appointment information, select any of the   buttons near the bottom of the candidate's page to enter his/her appointment details.
  6. On the Setup page, enter the person's appointment information and select a Seat (if you are not tracking term information) or Seat and Term for the board member to fill (this is why it is important to make sure you have created seats before creating board members).
  7. Enter the Effective Start Date.  For new appointments, the Effective Start Date becomes the member's Original Start Date. Therefore, a date before the term's start date can be entered. If you don't know the member's Original Start Date, you can input the Term's Start Date or today's date. Once you are finished, click .
  8. This will bring you back to the person's Board Candidate page.
  9. If you're ready to promote the person to the board, select the  button. [You can only promote a candidate to the board once all the required appointment information has been entered. This includes the Effective Start Date, Seat or Seat and Term and any other required custom appointment fields added to your account that are required. A board member can also not be promoted until his/her Effective Start Date.]
If you need to revert Board Member back to being a Board Candidate:
  1. Click on his/her row in the Members section.
  2. On his/her Board Member page, scroll to the bottom and click the  button. This removes the member from the board and returns him/her back to the Candidates section.

Now you're ready to Assign Board Roles.

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