Can a candidate be removed but remain in the system?

If for some reason a candidate doesn't become a board member, you can remove the candidate from the pool but still keep the person's contact information and any notes that were written.  First, select the Board Candidates name from the Board Members and Candidates page.  Next, add any notes that you want to keep with the board candidate.  Keep in mind that any pre-appointment data entered will be lost since if the candidate is added back to a pool, you will need to repeat any of the pre-appointment steps.  Once you are done, select the Delete Candidate button found in the middle of the page.  Select OK when you see the message "Are you sure you want to delete this candidate?"

You will then be brought back to the Board Members and Candidates page and the board candidate will no longer be displayed.  The candidates contact information and notes are still in the system if you need to add them back as a candidate.  

If you want to delete the candidate from the system, you can do that by selecting the Update button within the Board Candidate Detail page.  Here is where you delete the candidate and have no record in the system.  You can also enter a Deactivated Date if you still want to keep the contact record but not have it displayed when searching for a contact. 
 Alternatively, you can find any contact in your Epicenter using the Contact Administration link in the Administration area. Click on the contact's row and you can delete him/her from there.

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