How to Link a School to a Management Organization

Linking School Systems to a Management Organization is completed from the Operations tab in School Center.  Below is a video and documented steps:

  • Select School Center
  • Select the School's district name from the School List Page
  • Select the Operations Tab
  • Select the Add EMO/CMO button
  • Select the appropriate EMO/CMO for that school system (if you don't see the EMO/CMO in the list, you will need to add it within Management Center)
  • Enter in remaining fields that you have information for
  • Select Save 
You will then be brought back to the Operations tab where the EMO/CMO information will be displayed.  If you need to link multiple Management Organizations to a School System, simply select the Add EMO/CMO button again and enter in the necessary information.  The school(s) will also be listed on the EMO/CMO list in Management Center. 

You might also need to update the Entity Groups.  This can include making sure the School, Board and Management Organization entities are listed in both the Management Organization Entity Group and the individual Schools and Boards Entity Group. 


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