How to Complete Compliance Requirement Tasks

There are three different ways submitters can complete Epicenter Compliance Requirement tasks (submissions that have due dates). Watch this video and/or read the text below to learn how:

Option 1: Using Your Task Queue: If the task has been queued, you can open your Task Queue by logging into Epicenter and selecting the Tasks area found towards the upper left-hand corner of the homepage. Once you open up your Task Queue, you can view and complete any queued tasks by selecting the requirement. For more information on how to complete a compliance requirement task from your Task Queue, click here

Option 2: Opening the Task from Compliance Center: If the compliance requirement task is not in your Tasks Queue, at any time, you can access Compliance Center, select the requirement from the or tabs and complete it (if you have the appropriate permissions to complete the requirement). The following provides guidance on finding the requirement from each of these areas.

  • From the  tab, you can select the requirement. This tab defaults to showing any requirements due in the next 30 days as well as any that are past due. Any requirements scheduled as a collection will be displayed at the top of the list, ordered by Requirement Title, followed by the individual requirements that are sorted by Due Date. If the requirement is due outside of the next 30 days, you can use the filter to expand the time period that is displayed. You can also use the filter to select the exact requirement for which you are looking. If you have access to multiple entities (i.e. schools, boards, and management organizations), we also recommend using the search filter.

  • From the  tab, you can select the requirement. This tab defaults to the current month but you can use the arrows () to progress to previous or future months. The calendar will only display 12 months of requirements in the past and 18 months of requirements into the future. 

Option 3:  Document Center - : At any time you can upload compliance and non-compliance submissions through Document Center. You can access  Document Center from the homepage and then select the  button to access the Submission Upload page.

The following steps can be used to upload compliance and non-compliance submissions: 
  1. Select the Entity Type (School/Board or Management Organization) from the first drop down.

  2. Select the Submission Type that you will be uploading.

  3. Under the Entities select your school/board(s) or management organizations.

  4. If there is an unsatisfied requirement that matches the selected Submission Type and Entity, a Requirement drop down will appear. If you wish to satisfy a requirement select the Requirement Title to satisfy the task. If you don't wish to satisfy a requirement or if you are submitting a revised document, select . If you select a Requirement Title you then can select the appropriate Event Date for the requirement, if there are multiple dates scheduled.

  5. Enter any Submission Tags that are required. Required tags will have a red * after the name.

  6. For File requirements, select the button and attach your file(s) or you can attach a previously uploaded file by selecting the button. The system will search and show you the most recent submission that matches the Entity Name and Submission Type for that requirement. If there have been no submissions uploaded that match the Entity Name and Submission Type, then no results will display. If you need to select a different previously uploaded file, select the Search... link. You will be brought to Document Center to search for the document. Once your search results are displayed find the submission you want to reuse for the requirement, select the submission's row and then select the button.

  7. For Certification of Completion requirements, select the  I certify that this requirement has been completed checkbox and then enter any required information in the "Comments" area. 

  8. For Narrative requirements, you can either type in a response to the submission requirement, upload a file, or do both.

  9. Enter any notes within the Message to Reviewer/Approver box. Any notes written in this area will be seen by the Reviewers and Approvers for this submission.

  10. Once complete, select the   button. 

  11. Certify that you receive the Upload Successful page to know that your submission has been sent.

When uploading submissions, it is very important to review any Description, Instructions, and Resources found on the Submission Upload Page.

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