Completing Compliance Requirement Tasks from the Tasks Queue

[This article is for completing Compliance Requirements, not Compliance Review/Approval, nor Submission Review/Approval tasks.]

Completing a Task in the Queue

The Task Queue in Epicenter is found in the upper left corner of the Home page. It gives you a list of your to-do items. You can use the sort the queue using the arrows () in the header. You can also use the filters (explained below) to limit which items will be displayed in the queue. To complete a task in your queue, complete the following steps:
  1. Click the row of the task you want to complete. This will bring you to that task's Submission Upload page.

  2. Make sure you have opened the correct task. The Organization for which you are submitting the requirement will be listed at the top.

  3. Review any Description, Resources, and Instructions that have been provided. 

  4. Fill in any Submission Tags that are required (*).

  5. For File requirements, use either the button or button and attach your file(s). If the File requirement includes a Narrative box, you can either type in a narrative, upload a file, or both. If the requirement is a Certification of Completion type, select the appropriate checkbox.

  6. Include any needed message to the reviewers/approvers.

  7. Select .

Your submission can now be viewed in Epicenter. 

Filtering Your Queue

The filters limit which tasks are displayed, so you can easily declutter a large to-do list.

Below is general information about the filters:

  • For each search filter, you will need to select  to apply your search selections or to revert to the previous or default selection.

  • Once a filter is changed from its default, it will change from a white background to gray. It will remain gray until it is changed back to the default selection for that tab.

  • To reset all filters back to the default (like you just logged into Epicenter and accessed your Tasks Queue for the first time), select the icon located to the far left side of the filters. 

  • Within the and filters, there are All and None links located towards the bottom-right side of the page. These links allow you to quickly select or deselect all the checkboxes.

Search Filter Categories

The  filter allows you to filter the entities based on their classifications which are set within the Centers. By default, all Classifications will be selected. By using the Classifications, you can quickly select a grouping of entities. Once you apply any changes, the   filter will then update to only selecting those entities for the Classification(s) selected. 

filter allows you to select individual entities such as the Board, School or Management Organization. The  filter groups the entities by the Epicenter Licensing Organization. Therefore, if you have access to multiple Epicenter Licensing Organizations (for example, you are from a management organization and have schools that use Epicenter via multiple Authorizers), you will most likely be using this filter to display requirements for entities that pertain to a certain Licensing Organization. By default, all entities will be selected. You can access entities that have been deactivated by selecting the " Display Deactivated Entities" check box. 

Other Options
The  filter allows you to select a checkbox to "
 Only display completed tasks." This change your queue from displaying to-do items to displaying tasks that have been completed within the last 14 days.

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