How to Satisfy a Compliance Requirement Task that is not in your Tasks Queue

If you need to satisfy a compliance requirement that hasn’t been queued, please complete the following steps:

  1. Select  COMPLIANCE CENTER found on the Epicenter home page.

  2. Select the  Tab.

  3. The Detail tab will show any compliance requirements due within the next 30 days by default.  If you do not see the requirement that you need to satisfy, select the appropriate search filter at the top of the page and apply your changes using the Apply button.  Using the filter options you will be able to drill down into a particular entity, compliance type, change the time period and add any additional sorting and outputs.  Once you have applied all of your search options your results will be displayed.   

  4. Select the requirement's row.  This will bring you into the Submission Upload page.

  5. Fill in any submission tag(s) that are required to be entered.  Required submission tag(s) will have an *.

  6. Use either the button or button and attach your file(s).  If the requirement is a Certification of Completion, select the appropriate checkbox.  If the requirement has a "Narrative" textbox, you can either type in a response to the submission requirement, upload a file, or do both.

  7. Enter in any messages to the reviewers/approvers.

  8. Select .

You should then receive an Upload Successful message that provides a recap of your submission.  Select OK.  The file(s) or Certification of Completion can then be viewed in Epicenter.

You can also open any tasks from the tab (or the tab, if scheduled as a collection).

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