Correcting the Accurate Percentage

As a Submission Reviewer or Approver; if you have incorrectly returned a compliance submission and need to increase an entity's Accurate % as shown in Compliance Center; you can complete the following steps.  

1)  If a submission has already been re-uploaded for the requirement that has had the rejection/return, then disconnect the file(s) from the requirement by following the steps below. Otherwise, if the requirement is still unsatisfied, go to Step 2.

  1. Select Compliance Center.
  2. From the Statistics Dashboard, go to the individual school or board statistics (under the donut charts).  Within the Accurate section, select the grey section of the bar chart.  This will filter to the Detail tab and only bring up those requirements that have had rejections/returns for that school or board. 
  3. Once you find the requirement, select the Edit pencil icon.  This will bring you into the Single Entity Compliance Requirement Adjustment page.  
  4. Select the check box next to the Change to Unsatisfied. 
  5. Select Save.
  6. This will disconnect the submission from the requirement so it is no longer satisfied. 

2)  You then need to Exclude the Entity from the requirement and then Include them.  This clears out the rejection history on that requirement. If the requirement is now Past Due and the original submission was on time, then you should also grant a grace extension.  To do this:

  1. Select the Edit pencil icon again.  
  2. From the Single Entity Compliance Requirement Adjustment page, select the View Requirement Master button. 
  3. Within the Individual Entity Requirement Adjustments area, find the entity.  Next, select the Exclude link and then select the Include link. This clears any rejection/return history.
  4. If you need to grant a grace extension, select the Open link. Otherwise, select Save on the requirement and proceed to Step 3
  5. Within the Grant Grace Extension area, enter in the number of days.  This would be the number of days from when the requirement is due until today (if you will also be re-uploading the file(s) today).
  6. Select Save. 

3)  If a submission has already been uploaded for the requirement, you can then re-upload a copy of the file against the new requirement or have the submitter re-upload using the task that will appear back in their queue.  You can re-upload the submission on behalf of the school by finding the submission in Document Center, selecting the Details Link and then selecting the Reuse button. Next, select the submission type, entity and the requirement that you are satisfying, and verify the submission tag information.  You might want to add a note within the message area regarding who the original submitter was and why you are re-uploading.  Select Submit

4)  You can also delete out the original submission from Document Center that isn’t tied to a requirement so you don't have duplicates.  This is done by searching for the submission in Document Center, clicking its row on the Search Results page, and clicking the "Delete" button.  

5) If the original submission had also been Approved, then you can change the submission status by selecting the Edit details button. Otherwise, the new submission will now show up in the responsible reviewer/approver's queue. 


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