Not Receiving Email Notifications for Tasks

If you have tasks in your queue and you are not receiving the "New Tasks" or the "My Tasks Weekly Reminder" emails, check the following:
  1. Check your spam/junk folder for the emails.

  2. Check to make sure your email account is set to accept incoming emails from

  3. Check the contact email address on your account by accessing the button on the homepage.
    1. Your sign-in email address will be at the top of the page.
    2. To view your contact email address (the address to which the task emails are sent), look in the Contact Information section.
    3. If you need to change the contact email address:
      1. Click the button.
      2. Update the email address as necessary.
      3. Click .

  4. Check to make sure your Task Notification Settings are not set to “Disabled”.
    1. Click the button on the homepage.
    2. In the Contact Information section, look for “My Tasks Weekly Reminder” and “New Tasks Notification”.
    3. Make sure those are not set to “Disabled.” 
    4. To change them from Disabled:
      1. Click the button.
      2. Scroll to the Task Notification Settings section.
      3. Modify the settings how you want them.
      4. Click .

  5. Enter a different contact email address to see if you receive the emails there.

  6. Contact your IT staff to see if the emails from are getting caught in your spam filter/firewall.

After completing the steps above, if you are still not receiving the email notifications, please contact our Epicenter Support Team.

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