Setting up Two-Step Verification

Epicenter provides an option to set up a Two-Step Verification process to enhance user account security and better protect sensitive information kept in Epicenter. Whereas most internet-based accounts only have one layer of security (a password or passcode) to protect an account, accounts with two-step verification enabled require both something you know (your password) and something you have (a mobile phone). 

To set up Two-Step Verification, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the "My Profile" button found on the Epicenter Home page in the left panel (or just click your name in the top-right of any page).
  2. Select the button.
  3. Select .
  4. Select the mobile device that will be used to install the app on and then select .
  5. Install the appropriate authenticator app for the device you are using ie: Android and I-phone/I-pad devices install the Google Authenticator, Windows device install the Microsoft Authenticator.  If you will be pairing your app using the barcode, a barcode scanner is required and if you do not have a barcode scanner on your device, install one before installing the authenticator app.
  6. Once the authenticator app is installed on your device, open the app and then either pair the app by scanning the Epicenter barcode or pair the app by entering the Account name: Epicenter and the Secret key that will be provided on the page.
  7. Verify the pairing by entering in the code displayed in your authenticator app and select
Once Two-Step Verification is turned on, you will be required to enter an authentication code when signing in to Epicenter.  Simply open your authenticator app on your phone and a code will be displayed for you to enter on the sign in page of Epicenter.  

To turn off Two-Step Verification, access your My Profile page and select Turn off Two-step verification.

Epicenter administrators can also turn off Two-Step Verification for users by completing the following steps:

1. Select the  ADMINISTRATION menu from the Epicenter Home page.

2. Select "User Security" from the Admin page.

3. Search for and select the appropriate user.

4. Un-check the box next to "Two-step Verification Enabled."

5. Select .



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