Submission Tags

Submission tags are form inputs that can be used to add information by typing or selecting data (rather than/in addition to uploading files).

Submission tags can be used to collect data (e.g. enrollment numbers, financial data, etc.) or create a way to more easily distinguish between submissions (e.g. Are these board meeting minutes from a regular, budget, special, or annual meeting? What school year does this budget apply to? etc.)

Creating Tags

The Admin > Submission Tags page allows you to view/modify the list of tags available for your submission types.

System Tags

Some submission tags are also “System Tags,” meaning they are the same tag used universally throughout all Epicenter organizations (e.g. School Year, Month, etc.). This makes it easier to add and maintain certain tags and allows information to be readable across Epicenter sites.

Prior to creating a custom tag, it's best to first see if there is a system tag for the same information.

If you would like to add any of the system tags to your site, on the
Admin > Submission Tags page, simply:

  1. Click the Import link at the bottom.

  2. Select which system tags to add.​

  3. Click​​ .

Custom Tags

Custom submission tags can be added and updated at any time.

Video Instructions

Step-by-Step Text Instructions

  1. Select the  button at the bottom of the page
  2. Don't select a "System Tag" if you want a custom tag
  3. Within the "Name," enter what you want to call this tag (e.g. Board Meeting Type, Name, Letter Date, Month, etc.)
  4. Select the Type of tag you want to make:
    - Date (pick from a calendar or type in m/d/y--if you're just listing years, use a defined list)
    - Defined List (drop-down selection)
    - Text (short answer)
  5. Set the Search Classification:
    - Timeframe (allows this type of tag to be used as a timeframe criterion in the Advanced Search
    - Other
  6. If this tag will be used to collect system data (e.g. financial numbers to be use in Performance Center's Finance Tab), set the Data Tag drop-down accordingly
  7. Select
  8. If you selected "Defined List" as a Value Type, you will now see a Defined List link located within the Type column for your tag's row
  9. Select the Defined List link to add the values that need to be contained within the list.

    **If you delete a value from a custom “Defined List” submission tag, it simply removes the value as an option when users are uploading files/data. It DOES NOT delete the value from any previous submissions.  Yet, we don't recommend deleting values if they have been used on submissions.  

Editing Tags

To edit any tag click its 

  • For non-system tags, you can:
    - Change the name
    - Change the search classification
    - Modify the Data Tag settings
    - Delete the tag
  • For system-tags, the only edit available is "Delete"

Adding Tags to Submission Types

Now that you have tags set up, you can apply them to submission types.

*You can only add one of each tag to a submission type. (e.g. If you want the Start Date and End Date to be collected on a certain submission type, you cannot add the Date tag twice. You must create a Start Date tag and an End Date tag.)

  1. Go to Home > Admin > Submission Types
  2. To create a new submission type, click  
    To modify an existing submission type, select the type and click 
  3. In the Submission Tags section
    - Click "Add" to add tags
    - Optionally add a short hep text message
    - Determine whether the tag is required whenever this type of submission is uploaded
    - Determine the order in which your tags will display
    - Paste a tag into the filename template (first, put your cursor in the template where you want the tag)
    - Click  to remove tags
  4. Save the submission type
Now, whenever this type of submission is uploaded, these tags will be available to collect the extra data you want.

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