How to Complete Compliance or Submission Review/Approval Tasks

This article explains how to complete Compliance/Submission Review and Approval tasks.  Overall, the submission review and approval process consists of:
  • Completing the appropriate verifications
  • and changing the status of a submission to the next workflow stage.
The most common submission status workflow is , ,  (or an Approved-like status). In addition, submissions can be during the verification process. 

The initial review typically includes:
  • Making sure the correct file was attached (for example, if the submission is supposed to be a board agenda, they will make sure it isn’t a budget)
  • Making sure the file can be viewed
  • Making sure the submission tags have been entered correctly
  • Changing the Submission Status to
    •  – assigns an approval task (and sends a notification email, if enabled) to the appropriate staff member at your organization
    • or  – sends it back to the submitter.

Below is a video documenting the steps for completing a submission review or approval task:  

Steps for Accessing Your Review or Approval Task
  1. Open your Tasks queue by selecting any area within the Tasks section in the top-left corner of the homepage.
  2. Your Tasks queue will list all the submissions that you need to approve. You can sort the tasks by selecting Description ttps://, Entity ttps://, Type ttps://, or Notification ttps://
    • For the Type, you will see either
      • Compliance – Review/Approve = the submission was uploaded using a Compliance Requirement.
      • Submission – Review/Approve = the submission was not uploaded using a compliance requirement (i.e. revised documents).
  3. Click the row of the task you wish to complete.

Fields on the Task page:
  • Submission:
    • Submitter’s Name: This is also a link to the person’s Contact Detail page, in case you need to contact him/her.
    • Notes: Notes from the submitter to you. Make sure to check these as part of your approval process.
    • Files or Certification: This is where you can access and review the file(s) uploaded by the submitter or view the certification of completion webpage.
      • Original Files: For file submissions, you will see the submitter’s original filename(s).
    • File Name Template: For file submissions, you will see the Epicenter file name template. You can add additional information to the file name template. For example, if the submission is a revised file, you might want to add “Revised” to the end of the file name.
    • Submission Tags: Review all submission tags to make sure the information has been entered accurately. Update this information.
  • Review: If this submission was reviewed, this section will appear, displaying who reviewed the submission and any Files or Notes that he/she left for you.
  • Your Review:
    • Instructions: What you need to look for within the submission.
    • Resources: Templates, forms, or other resource documentation that should be used as part of your approval.
    • Files and Notes: Any files or notes added in this section can only be viewed by other staff members who have review/approval permissions. School staff users won’t be able to see them.
  • Submission Status: Once you have reviewed all the files and notes, you ready to change the submission status. The following is a listing of some of the common submission statuses:
    • : You are reviewing and the submission is accurate and complete.
    • : You are approving (or reviewing without an approval needed) and the submission is accurate and complete.
    • : The submission is inaccurate and/or incomplete. Once selected, this brings up the following fields:
      • Reason: Why is the submission is being returned? The most common reasons include “Submission is Inaccurate” or “Submission is Incomplete”. 
      • Message: Explain the details for the reason why the submission is being returned and how to fix it.
      • Contact Information: Your contact information (included on the “Returned” email sent to the submitter)
      • Cc Email Address(es): Additional email addresses (beyond just the submitter) that should receive the “Returned” email
  • Submission Notes [at the bottom of the page]: This notes section can typically be viewed by all users anytime the submission is viewed.
    • To start a new note:
      • Click
      • Type your note
      • Click
    • As the author, you will receive an email notification containing your note. You are also automatically subscribed to any follow-up notes.
    • The submitter will also receive an email notification (as long as he/she has permissions to view the Submission notes) containing your note and easy ways to:
      • Respond to the note
      • Access the submission and all of its details.
    • In addition, all users with the correct permission level can subscribe to these submission notes.
  • Select this once you have completed all your review/approval verifications and changed the submission status.

Selecting Save will bring you back to your Tasks queue, which will no longer be displaying the task you just completed. Up to two weeks later, you can have the Task queue display your completed task. To do so:
  1. Select the drop-down menu
  2. Check the " Only display completed tasks" checkbox

You can also view any submission (at any time) within Document Center.

To change the submission status after you have completed your task
  1. Search for the submission in Document Center
  2. In the results list, Select the submission’s row
  3. On the Submission Detail page, in the Submission section, select the  button
    • If you do not have the  button, contact the Administrator at your organization and have him/her change the status or give you the permissions to edit the submission.
  4. On the Submission Properties Update page, change the Status drop-down list.
    • If you change a submission that has a status to and it was originally submitted for a compliance requirement, THE REQUIREMENT WILL NOT SHOW AS SATISFIED. This is because the submission was disconnected from the requirement when it was first returned. 

***It is a best practice to complete your review and approval tasks in a timely manner—it is a great courtesy to the submitter, giving him/her a timely approval or an early rejection, allowing him/her more time to revise the submission before the due date

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