Setting up the Board Packet Area in Board Center

The Overview tab within Board Center includes a feature called Board Packet.  The Board Packet area allows board members — and others with access to Board Center — to view and download all of the board packet documents for a board meeting, which may include a meeting agenda and proposed minutes from a previous meeting.  Simply choose the board meeting date from the drop-down menu and select each document to download individually.  The complete set of documents from each board packet can be quickly downloaded as a zip file or as a pdf file by selecting the corresponding zip or pdf button.

Note that documents appear in the Board Packet area only once they have been approved or have been flagged with a similar status.  The listings in the Board Packet area are governed by a number of rules:
  • The Board Packet area will only appear with documents once Submission Types have been properly flagged in the Submission Type Setup page.  To flag a Submission Type to appear in the Board Packet area, go to the Submission Types administration page; select your Submission Type; select the Update button; and within the Compliance area, select the “Include in board packet” checkbox.  Then select Save
    To quickly determine which Submission Types are flagged for inclusion in the Board Packet area, select the gray Reports button that appears at the upper right of every page.  Run the Submission Types – Detailed Report found within the Submission Administration section. Choose “Include in Board Packet” in the Submission Types drop-down menu and then select the View Report button.

  • To appear in the Board Packet area, a meeting document must be scheduled as a requirement in Compliance Center and the status must be Approved (or have an Approved-like status).  *Please note Documents will not appear in the Board Packet area if they have been uploaded in Document Center or in the Submissions tabs in Board Center. 
    Utilizing the Submission Type Groups page within Administration provides an easy and efficient way to create a Board Packet group that includes all the Submission Types that you would typically place in your Board Packet.  Doing so allows you to quickly schedule all of your Board Packet compliance requirements. The compliance documents will appear in the Board Packet area when they are approved.

  • The Meeting Date drop-down menu displays compliance Event Dates associated with Submission Types flagged for inclusion in the Board packet.  The menu options include the previous year and future compliance Event Dates already associated with approved submissions.  With the Meeting Date menu now displaying Event Dates, you may find it helpful to make the Event Dates for your Board Packet compliance requirements the same as the board meeting dates.
  • If your board document requirements are scheduled as a group, the parent group name and any subgroup names will be displayed as section headings for the documents when they appear in the Board Packet area.  If a board document requirement is scheduled individually, the Submission Type name will be displayed as a section heading for the document when it appears in the Board Packet area.

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