Submission Resources Administration (templates, forms and guides)

The Submission Resources administration screen allows you to add, update and replace submission resource files such as forms, templates, guides or rubrics which are then linked to submission types within the Submission Types Administration screen.

Setting up Submission Resources Video (start at 3:27):

To add a new resource, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Add link at the end of the last row.

  2. A Choose File to Upload box will appear.  Select the file and then select the Open button. 

  3. You are then given the option to rename the file.  We recommend putting the submission type name within the filename and adding template, guide, instructions, etc..  Make any necessary updates and select Save.

  4. Your resource has now been added to your library.  The Usage column should have a 0 since it is not currently linked to any submission types.  You can then go into the Submission Types Administration screen and link the new resource to the appropriate submission type by selecting the submission type and then selecting the Add resource files link.  Resources can be added for the submitter, reviewer and approver. 

To rename or replace a submission resource within the Submission Resources screen, select the pencil at the end of the row for that resource.  You can then rename the filename or select the Upload Replacement File if you need to replace the file.

The Usage column shows the number of submission types linked to the resource.  To see the name of the submission type(s), put your cursor over the number and click the link. You will be taken to a list of submission type(s). When you are down looking at the list, select Close.  In order to Delete a resource, you have to first make sure the resource isn’t linked to any Submission Types.  Therefore, the Usage column must have a 0 before you can delete a resource.  You will select the Trash Can at the end of the row to delete.


To Assign Different Resources to Different Entities

Perhaps you need customized templates for each school for a requirement. Go here to see how to set that up.

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