Information Regarding Rejected/Returned Submissions

Once a submission is returned, the submitter and any email addresses included in the Cc field will receive an email containing all the information entered when uploading the submission, the rejected information, a link to login to view the returned file, and a link to login and resubmit.

In addition, if the submission was uploaded using a compliance requirement, then the task will reappear back on the responsible staff’s queue after 10 minutes from the rejection.  If the responsible staff doesn’t want to wait the 10 minutes, they can login using the link in the email to resubmit.  

Searching for Rejected Files: You will be able to access submissions that have been rejected when searching in Document Center and within these pages:

  • When viewing a rejected submission, the Reject Reason and Reject Message are listed on the Submission Detail page. The user who rejected the submission is listed in the Details Section of the Submission Detail Page.
  • In Compliance Center, when viewing a satisfied compliance requirement that has had rejections, a "Previous Rejections" section is available. This will allow the user to quickly see any previous rejections on a requirement. The submission(s) in the "Previous Rejections" area can be selected to access the Submission Detail page.
  • When completing a compliance Submission review or approval task, if there has been previous rejections for that compliance requirement, a "Previous Rejections" section will be listed on the Task Page. 

Viewing the Rejection Reason and Message:  The original submitter and any email addresses included in the Cc field when the submission was returned, will receive a returned submission email.  In that email, it will include the reject reason and any message entered in during the return. 


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