Managing Users

If you are a Security System Administrator from the Epicenter licensing organization, you can manage your users by doing the following:
  1. Click  ADMINISTRATION in the main part of the Homepage to load the Admin page.
  2. In the Security and Permissions Section, click the User Security link to load the Users page.
  3. In the User Select section, search for a user by his/her Last Name, email address or Sign-In Name and click on his/her row.
    • Optionally, you can also " Include Deleted Accounts"
    • If you want to see a list of all users, click the All users... link.

Editing Users
Click a user's row in the search results to load his/her User Account Detail page, which contains the following options:
  • [User's Name] link - click this to go to his/her User Account Detail page, where you can:
    • Change his/her profile information
    • Change Task Notification Settings (if/how often te user gets notified of new tasks)
  •  - click this to modify his/her Sign-in Email
  •  Account Disabled - click this to temporarily disable his/her account
  •  Two-Step Verification – click this to disable Two-Step Verification for a user (only the user can enable it)
  • In the User Groups section, you have the following options:
    •  – click this to remove him/her from that User Group
    • Add – click this to add him/her to a User Group
  •  - click this to permanently remove the user from your Epicenter organization

The other various security links in administration can be used to create and update the User Roles, User Groups, Entity Groups and Submission Type Groups. In addition, there are several security reports available within the "Reports" menu page. There is even a user Sign-In Activity report.

Below is a video that provides guidance on inviting and updating users:

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