Inviting a New User to Epicenter

Please note: Only Epicenter System Administrators have the ability to add new users. If you are not the System Administrator, please contact him/her if you want to add and/or remove users.

Below is a video that provides guidance on inviting and updating users:
To add a user:
  1. On the Home page, click  ADMINISTRATION.
  2. On the Admin page, in the Security and Permissions section, click User Security.
  3. On the Users page, click .
  4. On the Contact Search Page, search for the person to see if he/she is already a contact somewhere in the system.
  5. Either click on the person's name (if hs/she is already a contact) or click New Contact... (if he/she is not already a contact).
  6. [If New Contact:] On the Contact Setup page, enter the person's information and click .
  7. On the New User Invitation page, in the User Groups section, click "Add".
  8. In the drop-down menu that appears, select the specific user group to which this new user should belong:
    1. For school users: select “School Staff/[School Name]/School Staff”
    2. For board users: select “School Staff/[School Name]/Board Members”
    3. For Management Organization Users: select “Management Organizations/[Management Organization Name]”
    4. For your internal office departments: select the appropriate group within “[Organization]Staff.” This user might be in a department, might be an administrator, and/or might be an administrator with security permissions.
    5. If the group you need is not in this list, see the video below to learn how to create/edit user groups. You will need to set up the proper user group(s) before inviting this user.
  9. Optional: Add the user to more groups.
  10. Click .

A message will pop up, stating "A User Invitation email has been sent."

You can manage/modify your invitations using the Pending Invitations... link on the Users page.

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