How to Return/Reject a Submission

There are two ways to return a submission back to a submitter:

1) If you have the review or approval task in your queue, you can open the task, change the Submission Status to *Rejected*, select the reason, enter in your message and Save.  An email will be sent to the submitter's contact email address.  If their contact email address is empty, then the email will go to their sign in email address.  A copy of the rejection email will also be sent to any email addresses entered in the Cc Email Address(es) field.  The email will include all the information entered when uploading the submission, the contact information for the person who returned the submission and a link to login and access the returned submission.  If the submission was satisfying a requirement, then a link to resubmit will also be available from the email.  The rejected submissions are kept indefinitely. They can be viewed by accessing the Details section of the Submission Detail Page and when completing the new compliance review or approval task, a "Previous Rejections" section will be added to the Task Page.  If the submission was uploaded using a Compliance Requirement task:

  • The task will reappear on the submitter's queue in approximately 10 minutes after the submission has been returned (if the notification date for the requirement is less than or equal to today).  Otherwise, the submitter can immediately access and complete the requirement by going into Compliance Center and opening the requirement from either the Detail or Calendar tab. 
  • The entities Accurate % will be reduced in Compliance Center.

2) If you don't have a review or approval task in your queue, you can search for the submission in Document Center or Compliance Center Detail tab.  Once you find the submission, select the submission's row. Next, select the Edit button, this button will only appear if you have the permission's to access it, change the status to *Rejected* and complete the steps mentioned above in #1.

If you would like to return a compliance submission and not have the return affect the entities % Accuracy, then you can complete the following:

  1. First, you will need to go into Compliance Center and disconnect the submission from the requirement prior to returning.  To do this, select the Detail tab and find the requirement.  Next, select the pencil icon.  Once you are in the Single Entity Compliance Requirement Adjustment page, select the check box next to the Change to Unsatisfied, and select Save.
  2. You can then return the submission using the steps mentioned above.  By disconnecting the submission from the requirement, the % Accuracy shown on the Statistics tab in Compliance Center will not be affected.

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