Entity Classifications and Entity Selection Rules on Submission Types

Classifications can be assigned to Boards, Schools and Management Organizations listed within the various centers.  The classifications are assigned within the various setup pages and can be updated at any time.  The classification counts for the entities will also appear within the left-hand panel on the Home page.  The standard classifications on accounts include "Board" (Board Center),
"Management Organization" (Management Center) and "Operating," "District," and "Building/Campus" (School Center).  Other standard School Center classifications that can be added on at your request include "Startup" and "Reauthorization." Talk with your Epicenter Client Support Specialist to add/remove any classifications--especially if you want to add the Application feature and classification.

In addition to the classifications, if you have requirements that should only be assigned to those entities with a particular classification, we recommend setting up entity selection rules.  These rules will assist with scheduling requirements that are only assigned to a specific classification(s).  For example, if you add on the "Probation" classification, you might also request to add on a "Probation Schools" entity selection rule.  You can then set up the submission types and choose this rule.  When scheduling the requirements, only those schools classified with the "Probation" status will be available for scheduling.

If you would like to add on additional classifications or submission type rules to your Epicenter site, please contact our Epicenter Support Team by calling 1-855-889-1624 or email support@epicenternow.org.


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