Adding Additional Data Fields to the School Setup Page

Custom fields can be added to your School Setup page by contacting our Epicenter Support team. Our team will need to know the section name/location, the field name, and type such as whether it will be a text box, date, defined list or radio button.  If you will be adding a defined list or radio button, we will need to know what the options are that can be selected.  You can also include help text.  You can incorporate custom fields that will hide or show an entire customized section when you choose the appropriate option from a drop-down menu.

User permissions can also be added to all custom element section headings.  You can configure these permissions to allow only specific users to see custom elements.  These user rights can be found within the User Roles administration screen.  A new Application Permissions section called School District that would be added and include your custom section headings.   

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