Logo Requirements for Epicenter

There are two places where an Epicenter Licensing Organization's logos are displayed in Epicenter.  One is the top of Epicenter web pages and the other is at the top of reports.  If you need a new logo added for your Epicenter organization, email our Epicenter Support Team at support@epicenternow.org.  

In both the web pages and in reports, the logos are placed in an area with a white background.  Because of the white background what is most important is what happens on the right edge of the image.  The right edge should be white to avoid having a line where the image ends.  For logos with a white background, there is no concern.  For logos with a colored background, the best option is to fade the background to white on the right. 

Logos can be JPG, PNG, or GIF.

Web Page Logo Requirements

Web page logos are resized to 85 pixels high when displayed.

  • Ideal height is 85 pixels
  • Width can be anything up to 795 pixels.  We recommend keeping the main content of the image to the left 500 pixels (approximately) or less because the login box overlays the header on the right end.   The image from 500 to 795 pixels can be used to fade the logo to white.

Report Logo Requirements

Report logos are resized to 40 pixels high when displayed.  The web page logo (at 85 pixel high) can be used for the report logo and it will be resized to 40 pixels but it is also possible to have a different logo for web pages.  The report logo can be designed to take better advantage of the available 675x40 pixels space.  The right edge should be all white - either the logo backgound is white or is faded to white on the right.

  • Ideal height is 40 pixels
  • Width can be anything up to 675 pixels. 

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