Email Notification for Discussion Note Activity

From within each Board Overview, Management Organization DetailSchool Overview Compliance Requirement Satisfied Submission Detail, and Task page, there is (if you have permission to view it) a Notes section at the bottom. There are a few options that can change your email notifications for the notes entered:

  •  - this will set up an email notification for all note activity for that particular page
  •  - this will set up an email notification for all activity for that specific note and any follow-ups to that note
  •  - this will unsubscribe you from email notifications for that specific note thread
  •  - this will unsubscribe you from all email notifications for all notes for that page

Note:  When a user subscribes to email notifications for notes at the entity level, any note or follow-up note related to that entity will trigger an automatic email that will be sent to subscribers. The email will include the text of the latest note in a thread, with a hyperlink to Epicenter, allowing users to post a follow-up message. The initiator of a note will be automatically subscribed.  To unsubscribe, select the "Unsubscribe" button for individual notes or the "Unsubscribe All" button to unsubscribe to email notification of all notes for that page.

Below is an example of a Discussion Note Activity


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