Accurate Percentage in Detail

The Accurate percentage is equal to the Number of Submitted Requirements / (Number of Submitted Requirements + Number of Compliance Rejections/Returns). The blue section of the chart represents the requirements submitted that have not had any rejections/returns.  The grey section represents the requirements submitted that have had rejections/returns. Upon selecting the grey section of the chart, you will be brought to the Detail tab and the requirements that have had rejections/returns will be listed. 

The purpose of the Accurate percentage is to show how an entity is doing in regards to making sure the information entered and uploaded for the requirement is accurate and complete. 

Submissions sent using the Upload Submission button found in Document Center that are not satisfying a compliance requirement and returned for any reason do not affect the compliance % Accuracy found on the Statistics tab. In other words, submissions made without going through a compliance requirement do not affect compliance statistics.

You can run the Submissions Summary by Entity or Submissions Detail for an Entity reports to identify the compliance submissions that have been rejected/returned and the reason. These reports default to the current month but you can adjust the start and end dates (change the start date back to the beginning of the school year).  The Summary page within the reports will show the total number of submission that are Rejected.  You can drill down into the report to see which submissions were returned.  Returned submissions will have a status of *Rejected* and are kept indefinitely. You can select the + symbol to see all the updates made to a submission.  The reason why a submission was returned is included in the Additional Info column.

If you need to correct the % Accuracy for an entity, please see our % Accuracy Correction article. 




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