Logging in to Epicenter Twice

If you are using a shortcut on your desktop and are having to log in to Epicenter twice, we recommend deleting your current shortcut and creating a new link.  Here are the directions to create the Epicenter shortcut on your desktop:

To create a new Epicenter desktop shortcut on a PC:
  1. Right click on your desktop
  2. Select New
  3. Select Shortcut
  4. Type in the URL: https://my.epicenternow.org/ 
  5. Select the Next button
  6. Type in the name for this shortcut (Epicenter) and select Finish

To create a new Epicenter desktop shortcut on a Mac:
  1. In your internet browser, type in the URLhttps://my.epicenternow.org/ 
  2. Select All (⌘A or Edit Menu > Select All)
  3. Click and hold on the URL
  4. Drag the URL onto your desktop
  5. Select (single click on) the new shortcut
  6. Type "⏎" to edit the shortcut's name
  7. Type "Epicenter"
  8. Type "⏎" to save this as the new name

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