Error Message when Logging In to Epicenter

Often, problems signing into Epicenter can be fixed by changing the URL you use to access Epicenter (Troubleshooting #1-4).

Troubleshooting #1 - Blue Error: If you see the following screen:

You can simply type into your browser and hit enter, and the problem usually goes away. If not, try instead.

Troubleshooting #2 - Using a Desktop Shortcut: If you are using a desktop shortcut on your desktop or device to access Epicenter and you are receiving an error message when logging into Epicenter, we recommend creating a new quick link:

To create a new Epicenter desktop shortcut on a PC:
  1. Right click on your desktop
  2. Select New
  3. Select Shortcut
  4. Type in the URL: 
  5. Select the Next button
  6. Type in the name for this shortcut (Epicenter) and select Finish

To create a new Epicenter desktop shortcut on a Mac:
  1. In your internet browser, type in the URL 
  2. Select All (⌘A or Edit Menu > Select All)
  3. Click and hold on the URL
  4. Drag the URL onto your desktop
  5. Select (single click on) the new shortcut
  6. Type "⏎" to edit the shortcut's name
  7. Type "Epicenter"
  8. Type "⏎" to save this as the new name

Troubleshooting #3 - Using a Bookmark/Favorite:  When bookmarking the URL for Epicenter, it is important that you bookmark after you have logged into Epicenter.  Upon logging into Epicenter, you will be brought to the homepage.  You can then create a bookmark to the URL.

If you are using a bookmarked URL that you have already created within your browser, we recommend that you Edit the bookmark's Properties to make sure the URL is correct and doesn't contain any of the ADFS code which is generated each time you visit the sign in page of Epicenter. 

To Edit the Properties of your Bookmarked URL within your Browser:

To edit a Bookmark in Chrome:
  1. Right-click on the bookmark
  2. Select Edit...
  3. Make sure the URL is strictly (the final "/" is optional)
  4. Delete anything after ".org/"
  5. Select the Save button

To edit a favorite in Internet Explorer
  1. Right click on the bookmark
  2. Select Properties
  3. Make sure the URL is strictly (the final "/" is optional)
  4. Delete anything after ".org/"
  5. Select the OK button

Troubleshooting #4 - Typing URL into Browser: If you are not using a shortcut or bookmarked URL and are typing in directly into the browser and you are receiving a similar error message as the one above, you probably have a cookie saved in the browser that is bringing you to a previous URL that includes ADFS code. To fix it, we recommend the following steps:
  1. Delete your cookie from (this article includes how to delete cookies)
  2. Open a new browser session
If that doesn't work:
  1. Delete all cookies that include
  2. Open a new browser session
If it's still not working:
  1. Clear your browser history and cookies
  2. Open a new browser session

If you still continue to receive the error message, we recommend trying another browser (i.e. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge) until your browser session clears.  

Troubleshooting #5: If you are receiving a Bad Request - Request Too Long / HTTP Error 400 when logging into Epicenter, you will need to reset the cookie for Epicenter. Click here to be directed to the help article for that issue.

Please contact our Epicenter Support Team if you continue to have troubles logging into Epicenter. 

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