Tasks Not Listed in Your Tasks Queue

Below are some reasons why a task might not be showing in your Tasks queue. 

1) Notification Date: Every scheduled requirement has a Notification Date (when the task is scheduled to appear in each responsible user's queue). The task will not appear in the queue until that date. If the task is not appearing in your queue, the Notification Date might be in the future still.
  • If the Notification Date is in the future, you can still satisfy the task using the  or   tab in Compliance Center.
  • Or you can use the   button, found in  Document Center, to satisfy it.
2) Tasks Queue Filters: You might not have the correct classification and/or entity selected within your Tasks queue filters or it might be set to only show Completed Tasks. By default, when you first access your Task Queue, all entities will be selected and only non-completed tasks will be displayed. If you have used either
the , , and/or  filters, you might have filtered out the task for which you’re looking. We recommend selecting the icon located to the left of the search filters to reset all filters back to their default settings.
3) Entity Deactivated: If your entity (school, board, management org., etc.) has been deactivated, its tasks won't display in the queue by default. In order to access tasks for deactivated entities, follow these steps:
  1. In the Tasks area of the Homepage, select Total in Queue
  2. On the My Tasks and Alerts page, select the  filter bubble
  3. Check the  Display Deactivated Entities checkbox near the bottom-left
  4. Select the All link located under the Entities box on the far right
  5. Select the  button
Tasks for any deactivated entities will now be listed
4) Incorrect Permissions: It is possible that some of the permissions for your user role(s) and/or this submission were set incorrectly. If none of the above troubleshoots work, use one of the links in the Contact Us section on this page to contact the Epicenter Support Team.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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