How to Test the Transparency URLs

If you would like to view and test the Transparency URLs, below are the steps and the HTML file. 

  1. Save the transparency testing html attachment provided in this article to your desktop

  2. Login into Epicenter

  3. Select Administration from the Epicenter home page

  4. Select the Transparency Report link located in the Submissions section

  5. In the Search for Entities field start typing the name of school or board; select the school or board

  6. Select the submission types and/or submission collections you/the school wants to include on the website. You can create multiple URL’s if you will be putting the different sections on different pages of the website or you can select all sections in the Transparency Report Admin screen to create one URL and have everything displayed in one page/area of website

  7. Copy the URL at the bottom of screen

  8. Go to the transparency html file that you saved onto your desktop 

  9. Right click on transparency file and select Open with and then select Notepad

  10. Paste the URL that you copied from Epicenter under one of the section headings.  You can create additional headings by using the same format in the file or rename the current section headings. 

  11. Once you have the URL(s) pasted into Notepad, select File and Save

  12. Close Notepad

  13. Go back to the transparency html file on your desktop and open it by double clicking, this will provide you with an example how it would be displayed on website


transparency_testing.htm transparency_testing.htm

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