Getting Started with Epicenter - Learning the Basics

This article contains training on using the basic features in Epicenter - especially for those who are new users.

In addition, there is a Getting Started with Epicenter - Learning the Basics handbook provided as an attachment to this help article at the bottom of this page. 


Webinar Training

Go here for videos of webinars cover a full basic training.

Training Videos

Select the links below to watch the basic training videos.  The length of the video is also listed.

1. Home Page Overview (05:14)
The Home Page allows you to quickly access your Tasks, My Profile, Help and each of the Centers.  If you are an Epicenter System Administrator, you will also have access to the Administration site.

Compliance Center Overview (10:24)
Compliance Center provides access to all compliance requirements assigned to the schools and boards. You can also access statistical information on compliance submissions.

Satisfying Compliance Requirements (11:13)

If you are not responsible for completing compliance requirement tasks, you can skip video #3.
There are three areas where you can complete compliance requirements.  This includes your Tasks area found on the homepage, Compliance Center and the Upload Submission button found in Document Center.

Document Center Overview (06:16)
Every submission uploaded to Epicenter can be searched for in Document Center.

4.1. Document Center Simple Search (01:17)
Document Center was upgraded in June of 2017. Here is a look at how to use the simple search feature.

5. School Center, Management Center and Board Center Overview (05:02)
These Centers allow tracking of information, notes, and contacts.  Typically, general users only have read-only permissions to these Centers.  The updating of the data is usually done by the staff at the Epicenter licensing organization.

Reports Overview (03:41)
The button is found on every page in Epicenter.  There are various reports available that extract data from the Centers as well as reports for tracking submissions. 

The remaining videos below are for those general users who also have permissions to update contacts within School Center and Management Center and/or permissions to manage the Board Members in Board Center.  If you do not have these permissions, you can skip these videos.  Please contact your Epicenter System Administrator(s) with questions. 

7.  Setting up School and Management Organization Contacts (03:04)
School Center and Management Center both have areas for tracking contacts.   

Board Member Management in Board Center (video series)
This video series provides the steps for adding and updating the board members within Board Center.  For additional information on Board Member Management, click here


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