Performance Center [Premium Feature] - Finance - Budgeted Enrollment, Current Enrollment and Waiting List Counts

This article provides information on collecting the Current Enrollment, Budgeted Enrollment and Waiting Listing counts which are displayed on the Enrollment chart within the Finance Dashboard of Performance Center.
The submission tags and submission types (Certificates of Completion) for these three counts should already be setup in your Epicenter site.  If not, please contact the Epicenter Support Team by emailing

Budgeted Enrollment and Current (Headcount) Enrollment
You can collect the budgeted and current (headcount) enrollment for a given school year uploading a submission (compliance or non-compliance) that has submission tags with the following System Names selected:
  • Budgeted Enrollment [collects the budgeted number]
  • Current Enrollment [collects the headcount number] (Note for schools in Michigan, the Headcount on the Enrollment chart will be automatically populated using the Fall MI School Student Data Count. Michigan schools can also upload a more recent count, via a submission.)
  • Enrollment Date [collects the date of the budgeted or current enrollment to place it in a school year]
    • This allows the user to upload enrollments outside of the current school year.
    • If an Enrollment Date is not entered as a submission tag, then the system will use the submission date to display the Budgeted Enrollment for that school year.
The Budgeted and Current Enrollment submission types will be setup as Certificates of Completion. Once collected, the Budgeted and Current Enrollment counts will be displayed on the Enrollment chart found in the Finance Dashboard (example below) if all the Requirements are met which are outlined below. This will allow organizations to compare the budgeted enrollment to the current enrollment (headcount) which is especially important when it comes to the budgeting process for schools. If either the Budgeted Enrollment or Headcount (Current Enrollment) is not entered for a School, then their Enrollment Variance rating will be set to Undetermined.

Requirements for the Budgeted and Current Enrollments to Display:
  1. The school must have a School Code, District Code, and State in School Center prior to submitting the Budgeted Enrollment and Current Enrollment.
  2. Financial data must be loaded for that school year.
  3. The Budgeted and Current Enrollment submissions must be Approved (or have an approved like status).
  4. If a school has multiple buildings, the Budgeted and Current Enrollment counts for each building will be totaled and displayed for the School District. 

Waiting List
You can collect the Waiting List count for a given school year by uploading a submission (compliance or non-compliance) that has a submission tag with the following System Name selected:
  • Waiting List [collects the waiting list count for the current school year]
The Waiting List count is only tracked in the current school year (example below).  The “as of date” for the Waiting List is the submission date.  In addition, the Waiting List follows the same display requirements as the Budgeted and Current Enrollment (listed above). The waiting list allows organizations to quickly compare their waiting list counts to both the Budgeted and Current Enrollment. 


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