Performance Center [Premium Feature] - Finance - Financial Information Data Import File

To populate the charts in the   tab of Performance Center, most users will use the Epicenter Financial Information Data Import File (xlsx). Each school uploads its own financial information using that template. Michigan schools will have their publicly available Financial Information Database (FID) data automatically loaded, but it will always be at least a year behind. 
  • Before uploading:
    Each school must have the following information in School Center prior to uploading financial information.
    • School Code
    • District Code
    • State (in the physical address)
  • Epicenter Financial Information Data Import
    To import the financial data into Epicenter:
    1) Download the file "Epicenter Financial Information Data Import". (See Attachments below.)
    2) Open the file in Excel.
    3) Complete the empty cells.
    4) Save the file.
    5) Upload the file to Epicenter using the submission type for uploading the financial data.
    6) Check Performance Center to certify that the data was successfully loaded.
  • FID (Michigan Schools Only)
    Epicenter remains able to accept and dashboard FID public reports for the state of Michigan, although if using the FID, the information will be at least one year in the rears. We encourage the usage of the General Financial Templates to load up-to-date audited financial data.



Epicenter_Financial_Information_Data_Import_File_Feb2018.xlsx Epicenter_Financial_Information_Data_Import_File_Feb2018.xlsx

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