Performance Center [Premium Feature] - Academics/Demographics - MSDS (MI) Data File Export Instructions

Below are the instructions for exporting your Michigan Student Data System (MSDS).  The MSDS is used to populate Performance Center.  

1.      Go to
2.      Click CEPI Applications (Left column).
3.      Select Michigan Student Data System (first option under CEPI Applications).
4.      Click Go to MSDS button.
5.      Log in as an Authorized User.
6.      Select Student Data Submission.
7.      Select Data Staging Area.
8.      Put in your academy’s district code where it says, Submitting Entity.
9.      Choose collection period, for example Fall 2012 General Collection.
10.    Leave blank under Certification Status.
11.    Click Filter.
12.    See Collection Period.
13.    To get XML format, click on download button.
14.    Click on Start Download.
15.    Choose To Downloads.
16.    Click on Request Collection in file name column.
17.    Save to your computer and then upload to Epicenter.

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