Generating a Listing of Epicenter Compliance Requirements

If you would like to generate a listing of Epicenter compliance requirements, we recommend using the Export function found on the Summary tab of Compliance Center.  Once the Export button is selected, a CSV file with all the requirements on the Summary tab will download and can be saved to your computer.  Below are the steps to generate the report. 

1. Select Compliance Center.
2. Select the Summary Tab.  Select the
 funnel icon (filter reset) found towards the beginning of the search filter drop downs.  By selecting the reset, the summary tab will reset back to the default search for the page. 

3. The Summary Tab defaults to showing a summary of the master Compliance Requirements due within the next 30 days, which includes any that are past due. You can use the Search Filter drop-downs to determine the requirements that you want to have included in your Export.  For example, if you would like to generate a listing of all compliance requirements for the current school year, then first select the Time Period filter. You may change the dates using the From: and Through area or use the Date Range Selector drop-down to specify an entire School Year. You will also want to un-check the “Return past due outside of selected dates” box as shown below. Select the Apply button.
You can also use the other search filter drop downs on the Summary tab to export requirements for a certain Entity(ies) and Submission Type(s). 

4. Your results will be shown.

5. At the bottom left of the page, select the Export button. 

6. All the requirements within your search will then download as a CSV file.  You can then save the file to your computer.  You can change the format type to Excel before saving.

7. Once the file is saved to your computer, you can format the file by expanding the columns, removing any columns that are not necessary and sorting.  If you only need a listing of the Requirement Title and Due Date, then remove all columns except for columns D and G.  

A similar Export function is also found on Detail tab which can be used for generating listings of requirements and their status by an Entity(ies) and Submission Type(s). 

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