How to Update Your Epicenter User Contact Information

If you are an Epicenter User, you can update your contact information by logging into Epicenter and selecting the My Profile link found within the left hand panel of the Home Page. 

From the My Profile page, you can:
  • Update your Sign In Email Address and Password by selecting the Update or Change Password button.
  • Setup a two-step verification when logging into Epicenter.  Once you have setup the two-step verification, you will be required to enter in both your password and a code from an authenticator application on your phone. 
  • Update your contact information including your name, contact email, and task notification settings by selecting the Update button found within the Contact Information section.  If you have access to multiple Epicenter organizations, then an organization drop down listing will be provided.  You can  update your contact information for each Epicenter organization.  

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