Using the Previously Uploaded File Button

When submitting a file to Epicenter, users can either:
  • Upload a new file by clicking the button

  • Or reuse a file by clicking the  button (see example below).

Once this button is clicked, the system will search and show the most recent submission that matches the Organization, Entity Name, and Submission Type for that requirement. It will also show the submission’s status (i.e. Review Pending, Approval Pending, Approved or Expired) as shown below.

If there have been no submissions uploaded that match the Organization, Entity Name, and Submission Type, no results will be displayed as shown below.

The button allows the following actions to be completed:
  • View the Previously Uploaded File: It can be very helpful to see what has been uploaded before--especially for users who are unsure what to submit.

  • Use the Previously Uploaded File as a Template: If the file can be edited, the user can download it to his/her computer, make the necessary changes, save the file, and then use the button to submit the updated file.

  • Reuse the Previously Uploaded File: If the file has not changed from the previous submission, the user can reuse it unless it has Expired. Simply select the checkbox next to the filename and click .

  • Select a different Previously Uploaded File in Epicenter: If the file you want doesn't appear, click the Search link. This might be done if you need to select a submission from a different Epicenter organization. For example, if you are an individual school using Epicenter through both your Management Organization and Authorizer, you might have one file that you want to use for both. You can search Document Center for the file and add it to this submission.


Searching for a Previously Uploaded submission:
First, you need to find the submission. After clicking the Search... link, Epicenter will bring you to Document Center, where you can perform a simple search, an advanced search, or a key submission search.
Document Center

To perform a simple search:
  1. Type at least one full word of the submission type name
  2. Select your submission type from the autocompleted list.
  3. Optionally, select the entity by which that submission was uploaded.
  4. Optionally, select the " Current and Complete Submissions Only" checkbox to reduce your search results to strictly the most recent upload that is complete (i.e. neither "Pending Review" nor "Pending Approval").

For a more specific lookup, click the Advanced Search... link - especially if you are looking for a submission within another Epicenter organization. The Advanced Search, can filter your results by:
  • Entities
  • Content
  • Submission Types
  • Timeframe
  • Submitted Date and Status
  • and Sort Order
To select entities, expand () the Organization and then the Entity Type. For example, if you already submitted a file to your management organization and wanted to reuse it for your authorizer, you would expand () the management organization and then either "School" or "Board"--whichever entity uploaded the original file. Then select the submission type as shown below.
  1. After entering the various advanced filters and clicking  , you will be brought to the Search Results page, where you can find the submission you want to reuse.
  2. Click the submission's row.
  3. On the Submission Detail page, click the  button.
  4. This will bring you back to the Submission Upload page. The file will now be attached for re-submission as shown below.
  5. Select .

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