Enabling Narratives (Text) on Submissions

Within the Submission Type Setup administration screen, you have three different types of submissions that you can create for uploading.  They include:
  • A document only submission (file type).  
  • A document submission (file type) with narrative option enabled.  When the narrative is enabled, your submitters will be required to either upload a file(s), enter text within the narrative section or do both to complete the upload.
  • Certification of Completion type.  This type requires a check box to be selected certifying that the requirement has been completed.  It also includes a comments section for capturing additional information.  
One example where you might enable the narrative option is if you schedule requirements that might not be applicable to all our schools.  Instead of having your schools create and upload a memo to satisfy the requirement or contact your office to be excluded from the requirement, you can enable the narrative option on that submission type.  This will allow those exempt schools to simply enter in the reason why they are exempt and submit.  This saves time for everyone and provides documented information on the exemption.  The reviewers and approvers that verify the submission still have the option to return/reject the submission back to the submitter even if only a narrative is submitted.  

We do not recommend enabling the narrative option if a document must be uploaded.  

After selecting the Enable narrative checkbox on the Submission Type Setup page, we also recommend completing the following:

  1. We suggest updating the Submission Instructions on the Submission Type in administration to explain what information should be added to the narrative text box or how it should be used.  If you have already scheduled requirements for the submission, then you will also want to Edit and update the submission instructions on those requirements for the current school year in Compliance Center since they will not be automatically updated.  We recommend updating the submission instructions on all the requirements for the current school year so if/when your requirements are copied to the next school year, they will have the updated instructions explaining the usage of the narrative section.  
  2. We also suggest reviewing the Submission Tags to see if they need to be changed to Not Required to support Not Applicable/Exemptions.  There might be cases where the submission tags, such as a date, cannot be entered if a document is not being provided.  
  3. If you set a submission tag to Not Required then you will also want to include directions in the reviewer/approver instructions reminding them to verify if a document is uploaded that the submission tag is completed by the submitter.  The reviewer/approver can enter in the missing tag information on their submission task if it is known.  Otherwise, the submission can be rejected/returned back to the submitter.  
Once you select Save on the Submission Type Setup page, any uploads completed for that submission type will now have the Narrative text box section available as shown in the example below. You will see that both the Narrative text box section which the Rich Text editor options are available along with the File Upload area. 

When viewing uploaded narratives within Epicenter, the link name will include the filename template and (Narrative) at the end.  Once selected, you will be directed to the Submission Detail page where you can view the narrative text.  
*Please note that if the submission type is flagged for transparency, any narrative text will be included as part of the transparency submission. The narrative submissions will be shown on a public website as a hyperlink, once you select the hyperlink, the text will display below the link.  Narrative submissions will also be listed in the Board Packet section if being used. 

For those reviewing or approving a submission that contains narrative text, the text will be shown in the Submission area of the task as shown below.  



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