Obtaining Screen Shots of Epicenter's Charts and Graphs

If you would like to get a screen shot of any areas in Epicenter, such as the charts found in the Statistics Dashboard of Compliance Center or areas of Performance Center, below are two options:

1. If you use certain versions of Microsoft Windows there is a free program called Snipping Tool.  To check your computer for this program, select your start menu and within your program's search box, enter in Snipping Tool.  Otherwise, it can be downloaded by going to

Once you select the Snipping Tool program, you can select the area that you want to copy.  Next, either save the screen shot to your computer or go to the document where you want to place the image and right-click and select paste.  

2. Complete a screen print of your entire screen. This is done by selecting Ctrl+Print Scr on your keyboard. This will save it to your system's clipboard. You can then open the document where you want it placed (such as a word file) and right-click and select paste.  You might need to then crop the image. 

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