Adding/Removing Contacts in School and Management Center

In order to add and remove contacts in School or Management Center, you must have the appropriate permissions. Typically, the System Administrators and other internal team members from the licensing organization have permissions to update the contacts in these centers. If you don't have permissions to update the contacts and need changes to be made, please follow up with the System Administrators from the organization licensing Epicenter.

Below is a video and documented steps for adding and removing contacts:

Adding Contacts
To add school or management organization contacts:
  1. Select the appropriate center and then select the school or management organization to which you would like to add a contact. 
  2. Find the Add Contact... link:
    1. For a school contact:
      1. Select the  tab
      2. For a school contact, select the Add Contact... link under either the School Contacts section (ie District or LEA contacts) or under the Building Contacts section (if applicable).
    2. For a management organization contact, select the Add Contact... link under the Contacts section.
  3. Next to the “Contact” field, choose the Select or Create Contact... link.
  4.  for the contact in order to make sure a contact record for the person hasn’t already been set up in Epicenter.
    1. If you see the contact’s name, simply choose his/her row.
    2. If you don’t see the contact’s name
      1. Select the New Contact... link
      2. Fill out the Contact Setup page with the information you have available. 
  5. After either selecting the contact or creating a new contact record, select the “Contact Role.”
    1. If you do not see the necessary contact role, select the Contact Roles Administration... link.
    2. If you are not the System Administrator from the licensing organization, follow up with your administrator when adding new contact roles.
  6. After the contact role is selected, the “Title” field will auto-populate with the contact role. You can modify the title if necessary.
  7. Select the   button.
  8. You will then be brought back to the school's  tab or the Management Organization Detail page where you can add additional contacts. You can also select the contact and his/her contact information and contact roles. Please note that any changes made to the contact information (Contact Detail page) will be logged within his/her Change History, accessed by the Change history link. Any changes made to a contact's roles will not be logged within the Change History. 
Removing Contacts
To remove school or management organization contacts
  1. Select the appropriate center
  2. Select the school or management organization from which you would like to remove the contact.
  3. Select the contact’s row
    1. For a school contact, select the   tab and select the name of the contact you’d like to remove.
    2. For a management organization Contact, select the name of the contact under the Contacts section.
  4. Scroll down to the Roles section and select the   button.
  5. On the Roles page, find the contact role that you are removing and select its icon.
  6. Click .
  7. If you would also like to deactivate or delete the contact record for the person (non-users only), select the button on the Contact Detail page.
    1. Scroll to the bottom.
    2. To deactivate, enter a date in the “Deactivated Date” field.
    3. To delete, click the button.
    4. Please note that you can only deactivate or delete a contact record if it is not in use (ie person has a user account or is a contact within another entity). 
  8. When viewing the Contacts section, the person should no longer be listed as a contact. 

Please note that there is no activity log or tracking for the adding and removal of contacts in School or Management Center. If you would like to keep a record of the change, we recommend using the Notes area and creating a category for tracking the adding/removing of school and management organization contacts.

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