Board Member Setup: Step 4 - Depart and Reappoint Board Members

After you add all the active board members to each board, the ongoing maintenance will include any contact or role changes, adding notes to the board or board members, departing board members, and reappointing if the board members' terms expire. To learn how to depart and reappoint board members, watch the video below and/or read the instructions below:


If a board member steps down from the board, you will need to depart that member from the board within Epicenter. Even if the member's term has expired and he/she is no longer serving on the board, you will still need to officially depart him/her from the board in Epicenter.

When departing board members, you need to know the Date and the Reason. The options for the reason include:
  • Deceased
  • Left Board - Reason Unknown
  • Removed by Authorizer
  • Removed by Board Action
  • Resigned
  • Term Expiration

To depart a board member, complete the steps below:
  1. Select the member's row from the  tab
  2. Within the Terms Served section, select the  button
  3. Enter the Departure Date (can be a future date) and select the Reason
  4. Select 

If the Departure Date is in the past, when you view the  tab, the member will no longer be listed. If the Departure Date is today or in the future, the member will be listed in the  tab.

You can update the Departure Date and Reason at any time by selecting the member's row from the 
 tab.  If you don't see the member, you can change the As of Date to a date when he/she was still on the board and select the  button. 

If the board members' terms expire and a member will be serving the following term, you will need to go through the process of reappointing the member to the next term.

To reappoint a board member, complete the steps below:
  1. On the  tab, in the Members section, select the member's row
  2. On the Board Member page, in the Terms Served section, click the  button.
  3. On the pop-up message asking if you want to reappoint this board member, click .
  4. This makes the member also a candidate for the next term and brings you to his/her new Board Candidate page. Within the Appointment Data sections, you can update the information by selecting any of the   icons. The Seat and Term will automatically add the number of years for the term length set on that board. The Effective Start Date will default to the start date of the next term. You may edit the Effective Start Date and input any date as long as it is within the reappointed term.  Sometimes showing a gap in service is necessary if the board member hasn't completed all of the necessary requirements for reappointment. 
  5. Click the Board > breadcrumb to go back to the  tab. Now the member will be listed in both the Members section and the Candidates section.
  6. Once you are ready to promote the board candidate to the board, in the Candidates section, select his/her row.
  7. Below his/her Appointment Data sections, select the  button.
  8. On the pop-up message asking if you want to reappoint the member, select .
    As long as all the required reappointment data has been entered the candidate will be promoted.
  9. When you go back to the  tab, the member will now display with his/her new Term information and will no longer be listed in the Candidates section.
If you need to remove the member from the term to which he/she was just promoted:
  1. Select the member's row from the Members section of the  tab.
  2. At the bottom of the Board Member page, select the  button.
​​Once selected, the member will be removed from his/her latest appointment and be moved back to the Candidates section. 

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