Setting up a new Board, School or Management Organization

This article contains videos for setting up a new board, school, or management organization in Epicenter. Once setup, you will also want to create the User Groups for the school staff and management organization staff that will be invited to access your Epicenter.  In addition to the videos, see the Attachments section at the bottom for a copy of the Epicenter Setup Guide. Chapter 1 of the Setup Guide provides more information regarding the setup fields that will need to be filled out when setting up these new entities.  

Once the new board, school, or management organization has been setup in the appropriate Center, you can begin uploading submissions to that entity. 

*If you receive a message stating you are at your license max, please contact our Epicenter Support Team by creating a ticket or emailing  Our team will then increase your license count. 

Setting up a New Board

Setting up a New School

Setting up a New Management Organization

Setting up the School Staff and Management Organization Staff User Groups



Epicenter_Setup_Guide_2018-08.pdf Epicenter_Setup_Guide_2018-08.pdf

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