MI Transparency Reporting Submission Types

This article contains an attachment listing the recommended compliance submissions that should be collected to meet the Michigan Transparency Reporting requirements. Some of these types are probably already being collected today within your Epicenter site. If you are an authorizer, you might not be collecting many of the submission types listed in the Transparency category. If you would like to provide your schools with HTML codes to automatically display their transparency requirements on their websites:

  1. Set the transparency requirements up as submission types, flagging both the " Use Compliance to acquire these files" and " Include on transparency report" checkboxes.

  2. Create a collection that groups these requirements

  3. Schedule the collection as a compliance requirement.

  4. Generate the HTML code using the Transparency Report link found in the  ADMINISTRATION area.


MI_Transparency_Submission_Types.xlsx MI_Transparency_Submission_Types.xlsx

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