Selecting Multiple Entities When Uploading

When uploading a submission, you will see a Select Entities button as shown in the image below.  This allows you to select multiple entities such as schools and boards when completing the upload.

For example, if you are a user from a Management Organization and have access to 5 schools within an Epicenter site; if you have a requirement for each of the school's Attendance Policy in your My Tasks queue and policy is the exact same for all 5 schools; you can open up the first task in your queue for one of the schools, choose the Select Entities button, select the 4 other schools, attach the Attendance Policy and submit.  When you go back to your tasks queue, all 5 tasks for the Attendance Policy will now be gone.  The same Attendance Policy will then be uploaded for each of the 5 schools for review and/or approval.  This saves time with having to open up each task, attach the policy and submit.  It can all be done on one task! 

The same can be done if you have a Certification of Completion task or are entering in a narrative text that is the same for all the entities when uploading.  

We recommend only using the Select Entities button to choose other entities if the file, certification of completion and/or narrative pertain to all the entities being selected.  

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