Access to Multiple Epicenter Organizations

This article provides helpful information if you are a user that has access to more than one Epicenter licensing organization. For example, you might be a school administrator that has access to both your management organization's Epicenter site as well as your authorizer's site. The number of users that have access to more than one Epicenter organization is increasing!

Gaining Access to another Epicenter Licensing Organization's Site:
In order to get access to another Epicenter organization's site, the Epicenter Security Administrator for the licensing organization needs to send you a user invitation. You will want to make sure the invitation is sent to your sign-in email address that you use on your current Epicenter user account. This allows you to access both Epicenter sites with one login. Upon receiving the Epicenter Account Setup Invitation email, when you select the hyperlink contained in the email, you should be brought to the sign-in page of Epicenter. There, you can enter your current Epicenter login to gain access to the organization. If you are instead directed to the page to setup a new user account, then you will want to see which email address the invitation was sent to and follow-up with the Epicenter organization if necessary.

Updating your Contact Information for each Epicenter Licensing Organization:
From the My Profile link found on the Home Page, you can update your contact information for each Epicenter licensing organization.

Organization Drop-Down on Home Page:
The Organization drop-down on the Home Page allows you to switch between the different Epicenter licensing organizations to which you have access (see below). Simply click the drop-down menu and select another organization to which you have access.

The organization's name will also appear below your name in the far right-hand corner of the page (see above). Often, the organization's name and/or logo will also appear in the header.

Areas where all Organizations can be accessed:
There are three areas in Epicenter where, by default, all the entities within all the Epicenter organizations to which you have access will either be selected or accessible. Those areas include:
  • Tasks Queue: All Epicenter licensing organizations and the entities to which you have access will be selected by default when first opening your My Tasks queue from the Home Page. You can use the  filter bubble to filter the tasks by the Epicenter organizations and entities. 

  • Compliance Center: All Epicenter licensing organizations and the entities to which you have access will be selected by default when first opening Compliance Center. Therefore, the percentages within the donut charts represent the percentages for all organizations and entities to which you have access. You can use the  filter bubble to narrow the list results by the Epicenter organizations and entities. 

  • Performance Center: All Epicenter licensing organizations and the entities to which you have access will be available within the Demographic, Finance, and Academics Dashboards (if the organization has granted you access to Performance Center and if the data is loaded). On the tab, you can use the drop-down to select a specific school.  In the and tabs, you can select a specific school within the right-hand panels.

  • Document Center: When using the Advanced Search, you will have the ability to search across all Epicenter organizations and entities to which you have access. 

Areas where only the Organization selected on the Home Page can be accessed:
The following is a listing of areas where the entities available are based on the Epicenter organization selected on the Home Page:
  •  Board Center

  •  School Center

  •  Management Center

  • Entity Counts (left-hand panel of the home page, if shown)

  • Document Center -  

Uploading a Submission across Epicenter Organizations:
In cases where a submission needs to be "reused" across Epicenter organizations, we recommend using the  button on the Submission Upload page. For example, a school's Approved Budget could be uploaded to a Management Organization's Epicenter site for review and approval. The Authorizer then might have a compliance requirement for the school's Approved Budget in their Epicenter site. The Approved Budget from the Management Organization's Epicenter site can be selected when satisfying the Authorizer's Approved Budget task using the button. Please click here for more information on this process.

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