How to Find Rejected/Returned Submissions

Rejected submissions are kept indefinitely.* Follow the steps below to find rejected submissions and the details on the rejection:

Option 1: Document Center

  1. On the Home page, click to enter  Document Center

  2. In Document Center, click the Advanced Search... link

  3. On the Advanced search page, you will be directed the 6 search criteria. The first criterium is Entities. Select the entity or entities you want to include in the search.

  4. Click  to move on to the Content criterium.

  5. [Optionally filter for certain text.]

  6. Click  to move to the Submission Types criterium. 

  7. [Optionally filter for a particular submission type (or types).]

  8. Click  to move to the Timeframe criterium. 

  9. [Optionally filter for a specific timeframe.]

  10. Click  to move to the Submitted Date and Status criterium. 

  11. Select the " *Rejected*" checkbox.

  12. [Optionally click "Next..." and adjust your Sort Order.]

  13. Click  .

  14. The Search Results will return rejected submissions.

  15. Click the submission's row and you will see the Reject Reason and Reject Message listed on the Submission Detail page. The user who rejected the submission can also be found in the Details section of that page.

Option 2: Compliance Center (if the requirement is satisfied and you roughly know either the due date or event date)

  1. On the Home page, click to enter  Compliance Center.

  2. In Compliance Center, click the  tab (shortcut).

  3. On the Detail tab, click the  filter.

  4. In the Sorting and Outputs pop-up window, deselect the " Accurate" checkbox.

  5. Click  .

  6. Click the  filter.

  7. Adjust the dates in the Time Period pop-up window to include your requirement.

  8. Find and click on your requirement's row.

  9. On the Compliance Requirement Satisfied page, near the bottom, there will be a Previous Rejections section, listing out any previously rejected submissions.

  10. Click on a previously rejected submission's link to access its Submission Detail page.

Option 3: If you are a submission reviewer or approver:

  1. When completing a compliance submission review or approval task, if there has been previous rejections for that compliance requirement, a Previous Rejections section will be listed on the Task page.

  2. Click on a previously rejected submission's link to access its Submission Detail page.

*Prior to the 2016 Holiday Release, rejected files were only kept for 30 days.

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