Control When You Receive Task Notifications and Reminders

We know that everyone has different preferences. Each user can decide when to receive email notifications and reminders for his/her tasks. This provides the peace of mind that you will be reminded of important events in the way that works best for you.

To modify your Task Notifications Settings, select your My Profile which is accessible from the Home Page. After selecting your My Profile page, for each Epicenter organization to which you have access to, you can change your Task Notification Settings by selecting the Update button found in the Contact Information section. At the bottom of the Contact Setup page, you will see the new settings as shown below.

By default, all current and new users will have the same task notification settings. Those include having the My Tasks Weekly Reminder emails set to Enabled and the New Tasks Notifications set to Nightly, meaning you will receive one email containing all new uncompleted tasks added that day.

Are you responsible for approving submissions and want to be notified as soon as those submissions come in for approval? You can change your New Task Notification emails setting to Immediate. You will then receive a notification email for each new task within 5 minutes of the task being added to your queue. Will you be going on vacation or leave? If you prefer, you can now disable these emails notifications during that time, so you can enjoy your vacation with fewer email interruptions.

NOTE: Only those who are users of Epicenter will have the Task Notification Settings on their Contact Setup page. In addition, System Administrators who have security permissions can view and edit a user's Task Notification Settings on his/her Contract Setup page by selecting the user from the User Security administration screen and then selecting the user's name from his/her User Account Detail page. Any changes made to a user's Task Notification Settings will be recorded in the Change History page for that contact.

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