Drop-Down Filter Counts

In both Compliance Center and the Task Queue, there are filter bubbles available as shown in the examples below. 
Compliance Center (Statistics Tab) Drop-Down Filters

Task Queue Drop-Down Filters

The numbers at the ends of the filters display a count of how many items are checked in that filter. For example, upon going into Compliance Center, if there are 14 possible classifications, then 14 will be listed. 

If you select the filter, the checklist will appear. 


Clicking the icon will expand a classification category so you can see its individual classifications.
the  icon will cause the menu to return to a collapsed state.

You can filter your results by limiting the number of checked boxes and clicking .

Epicenter will update the list and the filter numbers accordingly. It will also shade any filter that is not set to its default setting.

To reset all filters back to their default settings, click 
the  icon.

Adjusting the filter will reset the other filters to their default settings.

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